Project Description

“The new system has allowed me to spend more time engaging with clients and growing the business.”

Tania Gauder, Project Support Officer


The Training Effect (TTE) runs the ‘Risk avert’ project, which surveys many schools each year and identifies pupils who are vulnerable to multiple risk-taking behaviours. TTE presents the survey analysis in reports to schools and local commissioners.

Before this project, however, TTE’s processes for scoring surveys and producing reports were laborious and prone to human error. Datachronicle therefore developed and implemented automated survey scoring and report generation, and an internal data dashboard for tracking key performance indicators.

The project reduced the time TTE spent creating reports by 30%, allowing staff more time to focus on growing the business.

How Datachronicle helped

TTE has been using Google Forms for delivering its surveys. In order to aid automation and promote simplicity, Datachronicle decided to create a solution using entirely Google products, which included Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Data Studio.

We used Google Sheets to create a process that automatically scored and colour-coded the survey responses once the sheet was attached to a Google survey form. This not only eliminated the need for staff to manually run a scoring process, but also meant summary tables and charts that are essential to the reports were created automatically.

We also created a self- contained process for generating reports automatically. These reports pull information from the included survey data. All staff now need to do is save the report as a PDF file and email it to clients. This eliminated the need to construct the report in MS Word.

Collating and aggregating all their survey data had been an arduous task for TTE, but Datachronicle simplified the process using a data management tool called Talend.

The final project deliverable was an interactive data dashboard for key performance indicators which Datachronicle built using Google Data Studio. This allowed TTE to have a macro view of all their survey data and to interact with or filter the data easily for an enhanced data analysis experience.

The Training Effect uses DataChronicle to transform their reporting and cut production times by 30 percent


Founded in 2011, TTE provides services to the UK public sector. It specialises in the development of school-based programmes, consultation projects and surveys that improve the understanding of child and adolescent health and experiences..

The challenge

TTE scored its ‘Risk avert’ surveys manually using an Excel macro and TTE’s proprietary scoring system. The process was difficult as the macro completed only a small part of the scoring process. Staff found working with their survey data even more challenging when they needed to combine it all to look for correlations, spot trends, etc.

This data analysis is critical to TTE as it shares its findings with local commissioners. Each year, TTE creates about 100 reports for 50 schools and these numbers is growing. The reports combine summary tables, charts and explanatory text in an easy to understand format.

The report creation process was, however, also laborious, time-consuming and prone to human error. It required staff to use a combination of Excel, Word and PowerPoint, going back and forth between applications and updating data in one to reflect changes in the other. Sometimes the charts in PowerPoint would crash or show erroneous data and the process would have to start all over again.

“DataChronicle have great knowledge of data presentation and were really interested in improving the services we provided.”

Aaron Bowes, Project Support Officer

Results, return on investment and future plans

TTE gathers a lot of data, far more than its competitors. Using the new system frees up more time for staff to draw insights from their data and respond to client queries. The improved data insights have allowed staff to improve their relationships with schools as well as improve their service offerings to new prospects early on in the selling cycle.

Staff reported a reduction in the time taken to complete each report. The old process required two members of staff, but now just one can run the whole process. On average, each survey report used to take about 120 minutes to complete. The average completion time is now 84 minutes.

That’s a 30% reduction in the time needed. It means TTE has effectively gained an extra day each month for staff to concentrate on growing the business!

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