Making it pop: An introduction to data visualization [webinar]

In this video, learn how to gain a unique edge by presenting data and insight in a way that gets noticed, remembered and acted upon. Make your data visualisations pop You know what it’s like when you’ve got a lot of data, you want to visualise it but don’t know where to start? Throw in [...]

Networking at BasePoint Folkestone

Thanks to all who organised & attended the @Basepoint_Folk networking yesterday. Really enjoyed the presentation and meeting new people. #localbusiness #Folkestone — Soti Coker (@datachronicle) April 27, 2018   The session was great.  The organisers have now introduced a session mid way through where everyone who attends gets 30 seconds to introduce themselves and their business. [...]

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Why you should upgrade your line chart

Line charts are a great way to show change over time.  It’s easy for our minds to quickly understand trends and which direction they’re heading in.  Most data viz software will allow you to quickly create line charts with little effort.  I’d like to discuss best practises as well as a couple of ways to [...]

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