Making it pop: An introduction to data visualization [webinar]

In this video, learn how to gain a unique edge by presenting data and insight in a way that gets noticed, remembered and acted upon. Make your data visualisations pop You know what it’s like when you’ve got a lot of data, you want to visualise it but don’t know where to start? Throw in [...]

Best resource for infographics and data visualisation

What is “”? is a website run by Andy Kirk. Andy is a UK-based freelance data visualisation specialist: A design consultant, training provider, author, speaker and researcher.   Infographics and data visualisation resource Andy has just updated his awesome resources section. They are over 300 items in the resource. More than enough options to [...]

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Making data mean more through storytelling – Ben Wellington

  Ben Wellington is a data scientist and runs the “I Quant NY” blog where he talks about his experiences using New York’s open data sources to make an impact.   It’s a fascinating video where he applies his lessons learnt from doing improvised comedy to data storytelling.  It’s witty and packed full [...]

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Why you should upgrade your line chart

Line charts are a great way to show change over time.  It’s easy for our minds to quickly understand trends and which direction they’re heading in.  Most data viz software will allow you to quickly create line charts with little effort.  I’d like to discuss best practises as well as a couple of ways to [...]

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Why your Infographic needs a compelling headline

Did you know that 8/10 people read headlines, but out of that only 2/10 people go on to read the rest of the article? Did you also know that a wise man once said that you should spend half the time it takes to create your article on its headline? Your headline is the first [...]

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Choose the right data for your data visualisation

Choosing the right data to use for your data visualisation can be a tricky task. Sometimes you’ve got lots of data to work with and sometimes not. Regardless, this might sound strange, but people working closest to the data often struggle the most with the concept of “choosing the right data”. The predominant thought that [...]

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How to focus your data visualisation message

  Information and the message The online digital space is overflowing with information. To give you an idea of just how much, every minute of every day, about 200 million email messages are sent, 300,000 tweets are tweeted, 4 million searches are done on Google and Facebook users share half a million pieces of content. [...]

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Global online learning development [Infographic]

An interactive data visualisation that allows a user to query/filter the data displayed in their own time for insights and information.  The user can filter the data by changing the values in the section called 'Filters' the top of the data visualisation.     Not sure how to get started? We’ll help you tell a better [...]

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