Data and analytics strategy

This 2-hour session with a DataChronicle Consultant gives you an experienced and objective data analyst to talk through specific questions or challenges you may have.

Key Summary Information

  • Fixed price:£300
  • Format:2-hour session, in person or on a video call.
  • Bonus:A 15-minute accountability follow-up at an agreed time after the call.
  • Output:
    • Clarity and next steps and the confidence that comes with having talked it through with an objective expert.
    • Report summarising your session’s key points and next steps


The confidence of having talked to an expert:

  • A quick call to talk to someone who can see your challenge from an external perspective.
  • The reassurance that the person you’re talking to is a qualified and experienced Microsoft certified data analyst.
  • There is no set agenda for the session because we’ll use the time according to your individual needs.


What’s involved in a Strategic Sounding Board Session?

  • We’ll have a quick chat with you to understand your key issues.
  • You agree whether to meet in person or run the call by video.
  • Decide at the end of the call whether you need any further help.


You can use this session to suit your needs:

Here are a few examples of questions that you might be struggling with that we could use the session to answer:

  1. What do I want to achieve with my data?
  2. What standard KPIs will you use that can help?
  3. Where will your data come from?
  4. How can you ensure data quality?
  5. What data visualizations should you choose?

The DataChronicle Guarantee

100% cashback guarantee if you are not happy with your data and analytics strategy provided after 1 month of implementing it. Needless to say, If there’s ever an issue, we’ll work with you to reach a satisfactory outcome.

A Strategic Sounding Board Session is a great way to work out your next steps, knowing that we’re not given you our time for free, nor expecting anything more. Fair exchange is important to us, and we’ll always talk you through exactly what we would do if we were in your shoes.


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