Soti Coker is the founder of DataChronicle where he is responsible for strategy and marketing services

Was an absolute pleasure to be a guest on the the Power to live more podcast with Jo Dodds.

We talked about:

  • The work I do at DataChronicle.
  • The history of infographics, and how they’ve evolved in the digital age.
  • My urge to “clean things up”, and how that led me to my current career.
  • My love for using information and creativity to tell easy-to-understand stories.
  • My “regimented yet flexible” working setup at home.
  • How I make the mental switch between work and personal affairs through journaling.
  • How I use bullet journaling to make sure I gets work done.
  • The tools and apps I use.
  • Outsourcing, and why people should outsource.
  • The classic mistake that people make when they outsource.
  • How my previous back problems affected my active lifestyle – and how I solved it with stretching and meditation.
  • My philosophies and attitudes towards work as a business owner.
  • How I approach days when things don’t go right.

Click the play button below to have a listen !