In this video, learn how to gain a unique edge by presenting data and insight in a way that gets noticed, remembered and acted upon.

Make your data visualisations pop

You know what it’s like when you’ve got a lot of data, you want to visualise it but don’t know where to start? Throw in some qualitative(qual) data as well and you can really get stuck in your tracks.

Visualising quantitative(quant) data is a lot more straightforward isn’t it? It lends itself so well to bar charts, line graphs etc, but how do you go about visualising qual data? You know, the kind of data that isn’t numbers and often contains lots of abstract words and expressions.


Navigating the Video

Here’s an index of some key checkpoints where the focus shifts. You can click these times to go to specific points in the video.

(06:38) 7 action steps for great data visualization

(28:01) Chart Makeovers

( 36:39) Tools and resources


Download the slides for free so you can follow along with the video above.


Help is at hand

Well I’ve got some good news. I recently did a DataViz webinar for the Independent Consultants Group(ICG). They’re a group of market research consultants and in it, I tackled not only the fundamentals of creating great data visualisations, but also how to go about visualising both quant and qual data.

A few weeks before the webinar, I got the consultants to send me example charts and reports that they usually send to clients. This gave me some relevant examples to work with and it was super fun to redesign and give these charts a makeover and include in the webinar!

You’re now ready to tackle all those DataViz and qual data headaches the world might throw at you! Next time you have any DataViz headaches, just grab a copy of the webinar slides to guide you or of course you could always come back to this page and watch the webinar again.

Want to start creating your own data visualisations?

Download your free copy of the presentation slides here.