DataChronicle Steer Your Business article for June 2018

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“How to use Infographics to boost your business”  Steer your business June. 2018: Pg 31. Print.

Put simply, Infographics are pictures that communicate messages supported by data. They allow you to share a lot of information in a very short time. So, they are vital to any marketing strategy.

Infographics are a great way to get your business noticed. They increase brand awareness, help persuade people of the benefits of using your products or services, and they drive people to your websites or physical stores. The fact that they are backed by data makes infographics more credible and more interesting than standard advertising graphics.

Are infographics for you?

Maybe you have a lot of great information to share but you don’t have a lot of time to grab people’s attention — you need to be short and snappy. Alternatively, you may already have your tried and tested key messages but need to get your data into shape and turned into graphics to support your messaging to enhance its credibility.  In either case, infographics are a sure-fire way of turning data into gold that supports your business goals. Here are three steps to follow:

1: Key questions to ask

Who is your audience? This will determine the style, level of detail, and type of language your infographic uses.

What are they interested in?

The infographics topic needs to be of high interest to your audience.

What are you offering? Try to find the middle ground between audience interests and the service or product you provide.

2: Creating infographics

You can create infographics yourself using templates available online, or through websites such as which offer free graphic-design tools. It is surprisingly straightforward. Alternatively, you can write a creative brief and hire a designer to create a bespoke Infographic. If this is something you’d like advice about, feel free to get in touch with us at DataChronicle.

3: Publish and promote

Once your infographic is ready you should publish it on your website and write a blog post to back it up with more information.  You can then submit it to Infographic submission sites  and share it with media outlets focused on your business sector.

Social media will probably be your primary outlet though so remember to repackage your infographic into different types of content.  A good animator can turn it into an animated video, you could break apart your infographic into smaller chunks, which you can share on social media with different messages. Why not add those smaller chunks to a PowerPoint presentation and upload to Slideshare?

You can even use them with online advertising such as Facebook or Google Ads to give it an extra boost to further get the word out.

About the Author:

Soti Coker is the founder and director of DataChronicle, a Kent-based marketing and analytics agency that specialises in infographics and online advertising . DataChronicle helps businesses turn their data into images and compelling stories that existing and prospective customers can understand at a glance. localhost/wordpress