Many thanks to the people at Thinking Business magazine, I love the article! You can read more about the local business mentioned in the article in this case study.

Here’s a transcription of the article:


“Telling better stories with data – introducing DataChronicle”  Thinking Business Feb-Mar. 2018: Pg 10. Print.


DataChronicle is an Infographics and data design consultancy.  It’s founder Soti Coker, is passionate about helping businesses and charities to harness the power of data. His company helps clients do everything from gaining insights from their data, to producing  infographics and communicating powerful stories.


“Data is powerful but using it can be daunting,” says Soti. “We’re here to help clients use data to grow their businesses, speed up their decision-making, communicate their achievements and influence audiences.”


Soti has 18 years of industry experience in the commercial sector as well as eight years at an international research institute.  He moved to Folkestone recently, attracted by the coastal scenery and the friendliness of local people.


“There’s a real buzz about Folkestone and a strong entrepreneurial spirit,” says Soti. “I want to help businesses across the south east to seize opportunities by improving their understanding and use of data.”


One recent client is Kent based consultancy The Training Effect, who cut their reporting times by 30 percent after DataChronicle developed a new system for managing their data and producing reports.


“The new system has allowed me to spend more time engaging with clients and growing the business,” says The Training Effect’s Tania Gauder.


DataChronicle also advised on the report designs and layouts. The production process was then automated which cut down the likelihood of human errors being introduced.

To learn more about how DataChronicle can help you, call Soti on 07756 099116 or send an email to