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I'm a data visualization designer and founder of DataChronicle where I'm responsible for strategy and information design. We're on a mission to help people make an impact by telling better stories with data and are focused on creating engaging experiences, producing infographics and data visualisations.

Making it pop: An introduction to data visualization [webinar]

In this video, learn how to gain a unique edge by presenting data and insight in a way that gets noticed, remembered and acted upon. Make your data visualisations pop You know what it’s like when you’ve got a lot of data, you want to visualise it but don’t know where to start? Throw in [...]

Soti Coker on Power to Live more podcast [Interview]

Was an absolute pleasure to be a guest on the the Power to live more podcast with Jo Dodds. We talked about: The work I do at DataChronicle. The history of infographics, and how they’ve evolved in the digital age. My urge to “clean things up”, and how that led me to my current career. [...]

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Soti Coker on Business bunker radio [Interview]

Delighted to have been invited to chat on the Business Bunker Xtra radio show. Many thanks to Paul Andrews, Mark Goldfinch and the whole Business Bunker team including Amanda Flanders for making this happen and having me on the show ! We talked about my business journey, why I love to working with Infographics, local [...]

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My Tedx Talk

Photo by Igor Emmerich For me, doing a TED talk was more than just going outside my comfort zone. It was pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible. So proud to have achieved this. The Tedx Folkestone team were really supportive throughout the whole process and I couldn’t have done it without [...]

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How to stay focused on your work like a laptop ninja

HOW TO STAY FOCUSSED ON YOUR WORK LIKE A LAPTOP NINJA There’s something liberating about laughing at others. Usually that’s because it reminds us of when we messed up and had to deal with cringing embarrassment ourselves. Like one time when I was really tired and multitasking like a maniac on my computer and accidentally [...]

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How to use Infographics to boost your business

Am very pleased with this article, Here's a transcript: "How to use Infographics to boost your business"  Steer your business June. 2018: Pg 31. Print. Put simply, Infographics are pictures that communicate messages supported by data. They allow you to share a lot of information in a very short time. So, they are vital to [...]

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Networking at BasePoint Folkestone

Thanks to all who organised & attended the @Basepoint_Folk networking yesterday. Really enjoyed the presentation and meeting new people. #localbusiness #Folkestone — Soti Coker (@datachronicle) April 27, 2018   The session was great.  The organisers have now introduced a session mid way through where everyone who attends gets 30 seconds to introduce themselves and their business. [...]

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DataChronicle helps local business cut their reporting times by 30%

Many thanks to the people at Thinking Business magazine, I love the article! You can read more about the local business mentioned in the article in this case study. Here's a transcription of the article:   “Telling better stories with data - introducing DataChronicle”  Thinking Business Feb-Mar. 2018: Pg 10. Print.   DataChronicle is an [...]

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