Our mission statement

We empower people to tell extraordinary stories with data by giving them the tools and support they need to make an impact.

Let’s talk about your Infographics project

We have a passion for creativity and truly believe in the transformative power of data + illustration and design.

These 3 elements have an amazing ability to simplify communications, engage and inspire people.

Great infographics and good relationships come from great collaboration. We’re excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, and create compelling stories with data together.

DataChronicle was founded by Soti Coker.  He and his small team love data. Especially It’s transparency and storytelling qualities.

He’s spent nearly 20 years managing and communicating data, many of which were spent in a Think Tank communications department. This enabled him to witness just how positively people responded to data when represented visually. There he was also introduced to the power of storytelling. Data was no longer just data, it was people, their hopes, their dreams and their struggles.

The data related to each project was not just a record of what happened, but also an intricate story that contained nuances that enabled you to glimpse into the future. He was hooked!

Soti wanted to use data to tell stories that made a difference so he gained certificates in data visualisation and storytelling and DataChronicle was born.

Do you crave visualising your data but can’t figure out how to do so and telling a compelling story at the same time? Do you struggle to create data visualisations and secretly yearn to reach a wider audience?


We can help you turn your uninspiring Excel tables into infographics that will help you tell an engaging story that enables you to establish thought leadership, impact positive change, and engage an audience.

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